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Operating for over 15 years, FIT reflection was born out of a desire to offer women a personalised approach to their fitness and health. Our experience with women at various life stages and needs has helped us focus what we offer to cater to women who want an approach that will work for them.


Our holistic approach to training means we offer a variety of different classes and programs to cater to all fitness and health goals. Our classes suit all fitness levels so we can find a way to keep you moving, motivated and accountable.
Love doing a group workout? There are 3 different classes to choose from.
After something a little more personal? Our-semi private PT will be right for you.


Designed to improve muscle strength using weight training


Designed to improve endurance and build your stamina


Designed to increase heart rate and improve muscle endurance


As well as group classes, we offer Semi Private Personal training.

Progress & Decompress

Held on the last Friday and Saturday of the month, our Sweat and Strength class will give you the opportunity to check in on your progress and performance. Our monthly Progression sessions help keep you accountable on your progress towards your goals and offer you a chance to celebrate your wins and reflect on your improvements.


Our Class timetable is as flexible as possible to fit into your busy schedule. There are plenty of membership and payment options, all run through an easy-to-use booking system. Want to book a free trial – click the link below, contact us on or pop in to meet us.

Our Pricing Plans

Our class timetable is as flexible as possible to fit into your busy schedule. There are also plenty of membership and payment options, all run through an easy-to-use booking system.


FIT reflection is a studio where you can build confidence and have accountability in an environment that is fun & supportive. Our clients are understood and are comfortable to work towards their health and fitness goals.

Meet our

Head Trainer
Head Trainer
Studio Manager
Studio Manager
Front Desk
Front Desk


Learn a little more about our team here…


TEGAN CASSAR - Head Trainer

I am the founder and head coach at FIT reflection. My career in the fitness industry started after my first two children were born. Both pregnancy and having very young children close in age took a toll on my body and mind. I had a back injury, was lacking in energy and was unhappy with how I looked and felt. After hitting an emotional rock bottom, I decided it was time to do something about it!


I was lucky enough to find enough to find a brilliant PT, who opened my eyes to my potential and helped me reach my health and fitness goals. This is where and when I fell in love with exercise, movement and a healthier way of eating and living. My back improved, I had more energy for my kids and was happy within my own skin once again.


FIT reflection was born in 2007 because I wanted to support other women in their own transformation so they could also feel great in their own bodies, be fit, energetic, strong and confident in themselves. I am still just as passionate and motivated to help women achieve their health and fitness goals and to embrace exercise as a fundamental and rewarding part of their lives. The studio is an environment where women are supported, understood and encouraged to work towards their fitness goals.

KATE FULLER - Studio Manager

I’m a Brissy girl originally and after finishing school I moved to Sydney for 6 months and then travelled around Australia. Not long after returning home, I moved to the UK and lived in Edinburgh for several years. I moved back to Sydney over 10 years ago I have settled here in Balmain with my husband and kids.


I am a natural people person and extrovert. My career started in finance and in August 2022, I left Macquarie Bank looking for a change in direction and I am now able to combine my love for fitness and exercise with my job!


I am looking forward to welcoming you to the studio!

LILY CASSAR - Front Desk

I am Tegan’s daughter, and I will be welcoming you to the studio and helping you with anything you might need. You might also catch me on the gym floor doing the classes with you!

CLARE - Trainer

Health and fitness have played a significant role since my late 20’s when I was introduced to a gym and trainer who got me hooked on the mental and physical challenge of getting fitter, stronger, and building stamina. My trainer at the time sowed the seed of becoming a trainer myself and when my two daughters were settled at pre-school, I took the plunge.


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2016 which came as a complete shock. Suddenly, my world seemed to be shrinking and the future felt very uncertain. It was then that I began to really appreciate the psychological benefits of staying active and exercising.


At a time where I felt I had little control over what was happening to my body, I chose to take a little bit back. The power of doing something positive and being amongst the supportive and close gym community was huge. I am acutely aware of the importance of ongoing regular exercise. Not only does resistance training counter the potential acceleration of osteoporosis from hormone therapy, but my Oncologist maintains that the likelihood of recurrence is significantly reduced with regular training.


Above all, I just love exercise and coaching, and I am grateful to be able to share my knowledge of 20 years’ experience and passion with others at FIT reflection.

10 years is an extraordinary long time for me to stick with any particular activity, which is a testament to how great FIT reflection is. Tegan is constantly updating her skills and implementing those within her classes. She is innovative and holistic in her approach to Women's health and fitness"

Bridget A

I have trained with Tegan for the last 6 years and can't rate her highly enough. She keeps it interesting, informative and is very professional. Her care and dedicated doesn't go unnoticed by all who attend her classes. She genuinely cares about each and every one of us and our ailments.

Ally B

Life throws curve balls and I can personally attest the FIT reflection did and continues to get me through the tough times - Tegan's commitment to our fitness, diet and training all year round saved me! The camaraderie in the gym makes 6am mornings fun"

Bridget S

I've been doing PT with Tegan for over 7 years after I sustained a pelvic injury after my first born. I'd never been fit or strong and have never enjoyed exercise. With the right personalised core and strength training, Tegan helped my body heal and she helped me through a second pregnancy and out the other side pain free and stronger. She knows what I need both physically and mentally and has become a great motivator for me. She's personal and personalised and fun to be around too"

Louisa H

I have had PT training with Tegan for over 6 years now. She has helped me achieve my goals and I love our sessions. She is very motivating and encouraging and makes you want to go back for more"

Demi T

"Tegan is inspiring; she challenges you in the most subtle manner; she prepared well in advance and tailors workouts based on your ability and goals. Waking up at 5am is never a chore when I know it's for a session with Tegan. It's my favourite part of the day"

Sonia P

Training at Fit Reflection has really kick started my journey back to fitness ... Tegan mixes up the training, so I never get bored and her encouragement during training inspires me to give it my all"

Rebecca J

Our Studio Space

FIT reflection can be found in the heart of Balmain. Our studio is bright and inviting, a space where you feel welcome and motivated to work. Fully equipped for all your training needs with the little extras touches that make you love the space.
Streaming sunlight, privacy from the street, and plenty of air flow to keep you comfortable.
We also offer digital lockers for your personal belongings, chilled and filtered water along with designer bathrooms and a beautiful reception area. Pop in, look around and say ‘hi’.