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Welcome to Fit Reflection - a discreet training & fitness studio in Balmain, which caters specifically to women. Our studio is bright, clean, and fully equipped to support you in your fitness journey. At Fit Reflection, we believe in building strength from within, and focus on setting individually tailored, health and fitness goals that are achievable, and will have you coming back for more.

About Tegan


Tegan was never very sporting or into exercise in her younger years. Naturally thin, she was lucky enough not to have to worry about what she ate or how she looked. Tegan journeyed into motherhood soon after being married at the young age of 24. She gave birth to her first two children within 17 months of each other, and had gained a large amount of excess weight with each pregnancy.

Tegan is an absolute god send. I have been going to her for the past three years and she has helped me recover after my two babies. Tegan has a deep understanding of the female body and postpartum needs.

Kate F

Tegan works to perfect your technique, finds workarounds for any injuries, gives you food tips and exercises you can do at home.. there’s always more!!

Sonia P

Tegan is not your usual trainer. If you’re a female who wants to make a real change to your body for better overall health, fitness and mental resilience, Tegan can assist you.

Jacqui A



Not all women are the same.
We understand that every woman trains better depending on their environment. Some need 1-on-1 personal training sessions for their own accountability; others prefer small group training sessions to take the pressure off.
Rest assured, at Fit Reflection, we offer these options and more to ensure that every woman gets the best out of their training, whilst feeling supported.

Our Group Training sessions are designed so that each attendee receives the

A 1-on-1 training session with Tegan in the privacy of the studio. Each pro

If you are in need of a nutrition overhaul, then this is for you. Our 4 Wee

Fit Reflection - a discreet training & fitness studio in Balmain, which cat