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Like What You See, Love How You Feel

Fit Reflection is a Fitness & Health business run by Tegan Cassar that offers Personal Training, Small Group Training and Nutrition Coaching in Balmain. Specializing in women’s health and fitness, we deliver the right exercise program and key nutritional coaching to help you achieve your health goals and get real demonstrable results. Fit Reflection offers a holistic approach to your health and fitness in a private and encouraging environment.

"Being fit and healthy means different things to different people but ultimately, having a balance of functional movement, good nutrition and steady energy is crucial for a lifetime of good health and happiness. At Fit Reflection, we understand the needs of busy women and the importance of finding that balance to optimize our health and well being."
Tegan Cassar, Owner Fit Reflection

Please feel free to Contact Us for further information, a consultation or complimentary session.

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