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Tegan's Story

Tegan was never very sporting or into exercise in her younger years. Naturally thin, she was lucky enough not to have to worry about what she ate or how she looked.

Tegan journeyed into motherhood soon after being married at the young age of 24. She gave birth to her first two children within 17 months of each other, and had gained a large amount of excess weight with each pregnancy.

In a short amount of time, Tegan had gone from not needing to worry about her weight, health and wellbeing; to being uncomfortable, overweight and miserable. She battled with chronic back pain and had totally given up on caring about how she looked.

“I had my ‘rock bottom’ moment one night when going on a rare night out. I looked at myself and burst into tears, wondering why I just gave up. I decided then and there that I was too young to look and feel that old.”

The very next day, Tegan joined a gym for the first time in her life, and after some persuasion from her husband, she enlisted her very own Personal Trainer.

“He was my guiding light. He not only trained me but encouraged me to set goals and go after them.”

Tegan learned how to lift weights, and even started running. She lost the weight she had gained over the last few years, and transformed her body. Best of all, Tegan felt amazing and was happy.

“I believe the training and exercise made me a better wife, and mother.”

From this, Tegan decided she wanted to encourage other women to walk the same journey, and so became a PT herself. She started her business from there (in 2007) and has been working with women just like her ever since.

Like how you look, Love how you feel.

Tegan’s specialises in women’s health and fitness. She has spent many years learning about women’s hormones, pre/post natal challenges, peri/menopause effects, rehabilitation from injury, nutrition and of course, movement.

Tegan is now a mother of three gorgeous children and absolutely loves being happy and healthy again for them.